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2.1: Perception of Value with Stephanie Hurlburt

Stephanie Hurlburt joins again to chat about inherent vs. perceived value, success breeding success, psychology around hiding information, code versus money, a holistic/explicit view of business, everything as marketing, confidence, money as idolatry, the nature of giving, our biases around people/status, people want to see you succeed, communicating how people can help you. (recorded in February)

2: Boundaries with Stephanie Hurlburt

How is business development relevant to open source? Henry is joined by Stephanie Hurlburt to chat about understanding learnings from success, setting health boundaries, what "networking" really means, conversations/pitching, and more! (recorded in February)

1: Speedrunning with Omnigamer

What's beyond simply beating a video game? Henry is joined by Eric "Omnigamer" Koziel to chat about speedruning as an optimization problem (code golf), game knowledge as discovery, access as a result of technology, issues of game preservation/archival, coordination issues, obscure/popular games, versioning/patches, and more! (recorded in January)

By Henry Zhu
Cover art by Maggie Appleton
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